Desktop 3D Printer

Industrial desktop 3D printer by Panowin
Provides our customers accelaration from product desgin to mass producing
Minimize the time to market of production
Save the cost of R&D
Panowin F3CL adapts perfectly for assembly model with curve surface
Problems are solved to make the printer much stabler on long-time printing
Higher success rates is guarenteed

Panowin F3CL Specifications

Minimal Layer Height 50um
XY Axies Accuracy 10um
Z Axie Accuracy 1.25um
Maximal Print Speed 180mm per second


Pango is a super intelligent slice software

which dealing with FDM printer

that designed by our company

3D Print Slicer

The 3D slicer software produced by Panowin
With serial years of 3D printing experience
All these techniques and findings are injected
Multi-Thread Slicing Brings speed up from twice to ten timces on multi-core processor
Support Improvment Face support especially honeycomb support™ makes most model printable by single material FDM
Support Modification The support can be modified freely
Model Library Go with embeded 3D Model Library
Printer Connections All things can be done with Pango




Panowin F3CL founded in year 2013
Owns 18 patents

Core values

Full Closed-loop Motion Control
Real time monitoring device motions
Correct errors just in time
High accuracy gaurenteed

Printing Power-off and Resume
No matter power goes away accidently or closed manually
The on-printing model will be protected automatically
The print process can be continued next time power on

Out-of-filament Alerts
The printer can detected the running out of filament
Print process will be paused
And continued when new filament is replaced in

Panowin Technologies

founded in early 2013
located in Fudan High-tech Park
adjacent to Fudan University

The founders of Panowin
are with over 15 years of experience
in integrated circuit design
large EDA software
computer vision
industrial automation
metal materials
polymer materials
precision instruments
and other fields of industries
with cross-border portfolio

We are dedicated to becoming
a total 3D printing solutions provider
with our own original design, development and manufacturing capabilities