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9 Characteristic


  • Automatic adjustment without leveling
  • Super sound-off/Ultra-high speed mode
  • Pcode Model preview
  • Flexible platform with frosted platform laminate
  • Power to continue playing
  • Interactive support editing system
  • Patent support structure
  • Broken wire detection system

Independent innovation slice software Pango

  • Good helper of professional designer

    Fully closed loop intelligent motion control desktop 3D printer, F3CL PRO is a quasi-industrial precision FDM equipment; When it is necessary to verify the appearance, assembly and other problems of the product designed by oneself, Or the customer wants to see the effect of the actual design, the designer can quickly and conveniently print out to the customer;
    It saves design time and facilitates communication between customers and designers. At the same time, this model also ensures the confidentiality of the design scheme.

  • A 3D printer that everyone can play with

    The 1000-yuan high-precision assembled 3D printer is also an independent intelligent suite for the public. F1 10 steps assembly, simple operation, easy to use, the function can be achieved constantly innovative; After changing different print nozzle, it can be transformed into a laser engraving machine, intelligent paintbrush, food printer, CNC carving Engraving machine, pottery printer, etc. While experiencing 3D printing creation technology, users' hands-on ability, design and creation ability and intelligent development ability are fully exercised.


Panowin technology independent preparation of 3D printer slice software, software copyright.Pango is the product of comprehensive optimization and innovation combined with years of experience in 3D printing and software operation of Pango technology.No matter tool function, control interface or user habit all let a person fondle admirably.Multi-thread slicing technology can improve slicing speed by 2-10 times on mainstream multi-core PC.

Support in the improved intelligent algorithm and patented technology honeycomb support, so that single material can print any model;Support can be freely edited to remove redundant support, greatly saving printing time.With editable model library for users to provide a one-click printing solution;Direct control of 3D printer, no need to control printing with third-party software.

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3D Print maker education solutions

“3D Print+“Maker education solutions

Game-based 3D design theme APP, serialized 3D design software, high-quality 3D maker &STEAM course, And a teaching management platform for 3D printing makers for teenagers, providing designs for primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and training institutions Software, quality courses, teaching platform, hardware equipment, teacher training and competition and other complete services.

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